Boarding, Bathing and the Playpark

Their Home Away From Home

Better boarding for dogs and cats.

Your dog or cat doesn’t just share a home with you. They are family. And when you need them to spend the night somewhere else, it’s important that you can trust that they’ll be pampered, safe, and loved. We set out to build a better boarding experience for dogs and cats. Separate areas for large and small dogs. Indoor/outdoor runs. Frequent walks. Spacious rooms for cats with large windows, climbing shelves, a cat tree and toys… this truly is a home away from home for your pet. Because nothing less will do.

The Playpark

Our playpark is like Disneyland for dogs. A huge astroturf area with a bone shaped pool, fountains, ramps, big tires to run through and a wooden deck shaded by oak trees. Because every dog should have their day.


We bathe dogs by appointment Monday through Friday. We can also bathe your pet while they are here for boarding or playpark. Ask about our popular Spa Day – currently on Wednesdays – all baths are at a discounted rate. Baths include:

  • Toenail trim
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Cologne
  • A colorful bandana

We bathe all dogs with Tropiclean Spa Brand Hypoallergenic Shampoo. Other services include medicated baths, shaping nails with a dremmel, hygiene clips, and matt removal. Please call for prices.