Veterinary & Reproductive Services


  • Vaccines customized to your fit pet's lifestyle. We recommend semi-annual physical exams for pets over 6 years of age to find and discuss and changes with your pet.
  • New puppy and kitten exams with extended first visit to inform you of vaccines, parasites, diets, house training, etc. This extended visit also gives you time to have all of your questions answered and to make sure you and your new pet have a great start.

Laboratory, Medical and Surgical Services

  • In house laboratory that can run chemistries (tests for liver and kidney function, blood sugar and electrolytes), urinalysis, in house bacterial cultures, intestinal parasite exams, heartworm tests, parvo virus test, ringworm test, progesterone tests for artificial insemination.
  • Chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients.
  • Ultrasound machine to view abdomen or chest and fetus viability.
  • Digital x-ray machine
  • Dental procedures: include cleaning, fluoride, polish, digital dental x-rays, extractions (if needed), dental charts and photographs of all procedures.
  • Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Surgeries include anesthetic monitoring for heart and respiratory rate, oxygen saturation of blood, carbon dioxide levels, body temperature and blood pressure.


For people interested in breeding their dog but are either unsuccessful or have a breed that has difficulty conceiving on their own (English Bulldog, French Bulldog, etc.) we can help. We are the only hospital within a 2 hour radius with the knowledge, experience and technology to help you with your breeding dogs.

Breeding at the wrong time is the number one reason for not conceiving puppies. We can help by using a number of different tests, taking a thorough history, and monitoring pregnancies until whelping to help you achieve your goal.
  • Accurate timing for breeding using: progesterone tests, vaginal cytology and vaginoscopy
  • Artificial inseminations via: TCI (transcervical) insemination or surgical insemination (depositing the semen directly into the uterus)
  • Ultrasound for immediate pregnancy diagnosis and evaluate health and age of pups
  • Digital radiographs to count pups and monitor pregnancy
  • Guidance during pregnancy
  • Caesarian sections with neonatal care
  • Neonatal guidance
  • Dewclaw removal and tail docking
  • Collection and evaluation of sperm with electric sperm counter, evaluation of forward motion of sperm, evaluation of shape of sperm for abnormalities
  • AKC DNA testing
  • Collection of semen for chilled or frozen shipment
  • On-site frozen semen storage
  • Infertility evaluation including-brucellosis testing, semen collection and evaluation, testicular biopsy, uterine biopsy (all biopsies are sent to board certified reproductive histopathologist)
  • Evaluation by ultrasound: prostate, testes, epididymis, uterus and ovaries